Strathcona County RCMP Warn Residents Of Telephone And Online Scams

Strathcona County, Alta. - The Strathcona County RCMP warn residents of scams where fraudsters associate themselves to various agencies including, banks, businesses, government agencies and law enforcement.  Be aware that telephone numbers displayed on caller ID can be imitated leading you to believe you’re speaking to an employee of one of the agencies.

Many fraudsters will make contact by telephone, or online in an attempt to manipulative a victim and gain trust. Many times the fraudsters don’t know your personal information but through a series of questions they obtain information including your name, date of birth, address and social insurance number.

If you don’t recognize a number on your call display do not answer. This will give you time to call back if there is a message or determine if the call was legitimate.

If you suspect you have been the target of a scam stop contact. Go directly to the alleged source (business, bank, police ect.) including using the contact number on their official website to verify if the claim is true.

If you have been requested to transfer money, gift cards or bitcoin by an unknown individual, please be aware of the following and stop contact immediately if;

  • You have received money or a refund with instructions to send cards, E-transfers or Bitcoin by someone you don’t know. Contact your bank to have the deposit investigated, funds may have been released into your account, if fraudulent they will be removed.


  • You have been encouraged to give false reasons of why you are withdrawing money, purchasing gift cards or sending Bitcoin.


  • You have received an unusual request by someone you know through email or text message to send money. Speak with them first, if you cannot reach them, do not comply until the request can be verified.


  • You are threatened with criminal charges, arrest or deportation for non-payment.


  • You have been advised you are under investigation by police or a government agency asking for payment by telephone. You can attend a local Police agency to confirm the contact is fraudulent.


  • You have been requested to purchase gift cards or Bitcoin to assist any bank, business or police with an ongoing investigation.


  • You have been advised your personal information has been compromised and you have been requested to empty your bank account to protect your money which will later be returned.

  • You experienced a computer pop up directing you to call a number and you have been requested to transfer money, purchase gift cards or send Bitcoin. Disconnect your computer and have it checked by a reputable local computer company.