Strathcona County Crime Watch Association -

                                "The Eyes and Ears of Your Community"


  • Get to know your neighbours. Make arrangements to keep an eye on each other's property when away.
  • Draw drapes or close blinds after dark.
  • If a stranger asks to use your phone, offer to make the call yourself. Do not let them inside your home.
  • In apartments or condos list only your initials and last name on your mailbox near your main entrance. Do not use Mr., Mrs., Ms or Miss.
  • Never give out personal information over the phone to solicitors or unwanted callers.
  • Have emergency telephone numbers on or near your phone.
  • Make sure your entrances to your home are well lit. Use a timer or motion sensor.

Here are some things you can do to prevent thieves from breaking into your home.

  • Install Peepholes that allow 180 degree viewing.
  • Ensure inside locks are at least one metre from any glass.
  • Exterior doors are solid core.
  • Doorjambs are securely fastened.
  • Ensure double hung windows are securely pinned.
  • Ground level and Basement windows should have a locking mechanism.
  • Curtains or Window Coverings should cover the entire window.
  • Place a strip of wood in the sliding window track.
  • Ensure you garage door closes tightly and is locked.
  • Garage windows should be locked and covered.
  • Keep your garage door remote out of sight as thieves can use this to get into your home.
  • While away cancel your newspaper and mail delivery.
  • Have someone checking your home frequently.
  • Use a timer on interior lights.
  • Do not leave a key hidden outside.
  • Have a friend or trusted service keep up with all yard work (ie: grass cutting, snow clearing etc.).